Hello Journal.
This is really taking rambling to the extreme.
So don't stop me now, I'm having a good time, rambling on. LOL
Living is relentless, it has to be.How can it be anything, other than relentless.
This being the case,then what of living with Parkinsons's condition?This must be, in this context, living relentlessly plus, and even more.
So does this mean I live more relentlessly, than those who do not have the company, of this impostor we call parkinson's condition?The so called normal people, whatever normal is.
In answer to this, I feel I have to say yes. If then, that being the case,I could justifyingly say, I live life more relentlessly than normal.
It's a bit of a paradox, is it not.
Most certainly, that which I get out of life, reflects that which I put into life,in direct proportion. What goes around, comes around, good and bad.
Either way, making sense or nonsense, I am having fun rambling on.They can't hang me for that. LOL
My greatest asset is my ability to laugh at myself.