living in limbo

have a lead going regarding a nanny job. waiting to hear from the mom about a trial run. it was supposed to be today but she had a "manic monday" schedule and said she would have to reschedule. in the mean time the waiting is driving me batty! hope I don't screw this up!
sunday, got the bathroom and kitchen cleaned. well kitchen mostly cleaned. bathroom looks great, though empty, kitchen needs cleaning again. I think dishes breed like bunnies!! meant to do more cleaning today but woke up with a headache. made it to pick up a paycheck and to worksource to look for a job for my husband (he loses his job next month) and pulled paperwork for bankruptcy. worked at that until my shoulders started to hurt and go numb (i know sounds like an oxymoron).
sometimes think I would get so much more done if only my wrists and fingers didn't hurt!! my brain fog has also gotten worse in the last couple of weeks. husband has noticed it too. seems like sometimes my mental processing doesn't make it to my mouth, if it happens at all! i'm normally absent-minded but this is ridiculous! hate to mention it to my doc. since it will probably mean more tests, drugs, and supplements I can't afford!
anywho i'm going to either read (have a new patricia cornwell) or play solitaire for a while. thanks all! moore later -- genny