livin in the city

  I'm not so sure livin in the city has any better advantage, that the country.... least I see my son and daughter inlaw a lot more... Hey dad can you do this or that..... can i borrow ya van.  Then he my oldest son ask why don't i just kick my 18 year old out... Jeeeez  why didn't I kick you out kiddo, cause I love him and he needs help... Problem is I don't know how to help... I'm totally lost... well I pray a lot... nag nag nag.... cept last nite he missed the bus and I gave him my 18 year old the silent treatment....He's a good kid, don't smoke drink or do druggs.... I hope that holds all his life...It aint like he aint playin with a full deck, just kinda like some them cards are stuck together.....Oh hey we onlly bee here like two or threee weeks any how.... so geee  maybe I need to lightin up some the other day I look out my door and see this lady packin stuff from one house to another, cause she movin, and hey my mama be ashamed of me if I don't offer to help somehow... So I offered to use my van so they could move more and biger stuff without so much work....Guess what.....She acted like I was hittin on her or something, course me being deaf as a bedbugg.... I couldn't understand what she started rantin about, cept i caught the part she got x number of young adults to help her... Okay,  I'm backin off.... have it your way lady.... Now I feel like an arse for even tryin to help... Aint life grand......Then later I'm sittin outside watchin the weeds grow an kids play and she comes by and has to mouth off something else.... like hey I'm gonna go sit in the back yard and watch the squirrels..... So five days later she still packin one box of bed at a time... three kids helpin  well one is supervisin lol...he watches the girls do all the work.... me I'm like busy any way....too my daughter inlaw to a rummage sale.... haul the stuff she bought around till both the boys can unload it.  Me I got a paintin my daughter inlaw did,  she gave me one of many.... I like it... and bought DJ a chair he can break while playin video games lol.....All said and done...I'ts different livin in  town.... being around people... I haven't had to cope with other folks since gee long long time.... I've been kinda a hermit since my divorce.... fact is never felt any different than being married the last five years.... always alone, just DJ and me..... now I'm tired of being alone.... my health is improvin, and well, sometime I feel kinda frisky lol....  well that's a story for another time... gotta go make breakfast... God bless.... russ