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Unfortuitously, there is no easy solution - particularly if you want to still do it, but I do have a few suggestions to make your submission and trade life easier.

There's nothing beats spending time finding websites, finding your...

If you're anything like me, you spend hours per week posting your website to directories, and writing emails to switch links. Linklicious Works contains more about when to engage in it. And, if you're like me, you hate every second of it and you try to find a straightforward solution at every turn.

Unfortunately, there's no real easy way out - particularly if you intend to still do it, but I really do have a few suggestions to make your submission and exchange life easier.

There's nothing beats finding your unique class, spending an afternoon finding sites and then publishing your website. It's a great deal of work before you even get to the distribution process, and by then exhaustion sets in, as well as being discouraged

From the entire process.

There are any numbers of index lists out there, but retains a close watch over a couple of hundred sites. He keeps an Excel spread-sheet of common and niche websites (some paid, some free) as you are able to download and use to record your listing articles. All directories are Search Engine Optimization friendly. This process is manual. Submission companies can also be presented.

At you develop a report about the 4th Media website with your website details: Title, URL, and Description. You could have up-to 1-0 different explanations for a specific site, if settled. He gives many packages: free: do it yourself, paid: do it yourself, and there is also a submission service. There are mainly settled websites, some are free, and most are seo-friendly.

A third service submission s-olution, and my personal favorite, will be the Directory Submitter -

I discovered the Directory Submitter after utilizing the above 2 answers (and I still use them) but I just needed something to offer a sense to me of success, so I began looking for a computerized solution. If you are interested in history, you will seemingly fancy to compare about pro. I ran across several but was disappointed with my results.

I found the Directory Submitter, examined the trial version and chose to spend the cash on the full version. It was money well spent.

The Directory Submitter works from the comfort of your desktop and is super-easy to utilize. The hardest part is loading your users. After you've accomplished this, and then you're good to go. Like any software, you do need to get used to it, but this doesn't just take long, and then you'll travel through submissions. Identify further on a related essay - Click here: linklicious senuke. O-n my second night using the application, I submitted a web site to 30 directories. I was undoubtedly impressed. It usually takes me months complete 1-0 articles.

The Directory Submitter isn't com-pletely automated: sorry individuals, but it will not do it all. You still have to choose the top category your website goes in, you'll still need to manually key in any 'captcha' pictures you come across. Clicking linklicious discount probably provides suggestions you can use with your girlfriend. With any approach to listing submission you use, you should read the submission tips, for a greater chance of being accepted..