Liquid diet :-)

The day before my procedure and I have strict instructions from my doctor to only consume clear liquids and tonic is clear!! And that is a joke (bad one maybe, but a joke no less). Makes me feel free that I can joke about that!
I was thinking about drinking (not meaning thinking about having a drink) and the very thought of swallowing a mouthful of chardonnay or vodka/tonic gave me a faint wave of nausea! That made me very happy!
So, it's head down, big girl panties on, and get through this day! Tomorrow I will at least get some really good sleep thanks to anesthesia!! Looking forward to really good sleep! I'd like to say it's going to be a great day, my positive thought for the day, "this too shall pass"! Cracked myself up with that one :-)!!!



Laughter is a good part of life. We seem to come up with some doozies :}
Best wishes for the scope tomorrow. The prep is the worst part. I found chilling the nasty liquid helped a bit. \"this too shall pass\" has double meaning here.