I went out drinking on Sunday. I had a few beers, and definitely got some sort of buzz. I walked to the bar to buy some tequila for a friend, and as I eyed the bottles, I saw the green Jameson bottle. I wanted to instantly order a shot. I didn't. And every time I went up to the bar I caught a different liquor I'd like to try. But I didn't. I stopped drinking when my body got a little weak and I knew if I kept drinking I would get drunk. I sobered up before leaving. I always enjoyed getting home sober and going to sleep knowing everything that happened. No blackouts, no regrets the next morning. Even though I did drink more than my two drink maximum, I felt proud. I'm thinking of updating my goals to the following.2 drinks per occassionMore than 2 drinks, no more than once a monthNo liquorStay sober until my birthday-November 26