Wow what a weekend :) Tooo good not too share! I mean, Had the best bus drive home  ever on friday afternoon (see what good company and hotchoclate does? ), had an awesome breakfast with my mum and family( Birthday breakfast), dressed my friend up on her stork party(always an amazing feeling making someone feel special ) went out with friends, and new friends. Then my friends took me for lunch on Sunday, had a same-time-movie-review-first date lol.....It was hectic and my lil one went everywhere with me :) (ok except saturday evening :) ).... So thanx for everyone's kind wishes and thoughts and hugs :) I am trully blessed to know awesome people :)
Rewardingly, just knowing i CAN have sad thoughts thinking this birthday , i did not spend with Chris for once, i am not sad at all.....BUt happy :) Im not alone :) and may this be a reminder, no one is ever alone! You will always have that someone who think you are the reason why the world is such a beautiful place ;) lol
On that note.....with rosey Cheeks i wish i could say proper thank you for the beautiful Flowers:) I am speechless on how "Brat " you are Sweet Minion :)hehe But Thank You :)You are like a banana  or Bapple to me ;)



Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I\'m sure your banana knows how you feel, and rest assured you are the bapple of his eye. ;)