Life with Migraines

I've been battling this migraine off and on for a week or so now. It's hard, it comes and it goes. I take some Excedrin and it goes away for a bit but comes back. I've taken Immitrex too, but it comes back after that, too. I don't know if it's the same one or a series of them, since when they come back sometimes they are in different spots. Tonight's was right above my ears, like I was wearing a tight headband digging into my ear area. I haven't worn a headband in a week, so I know it's not from that. Mostly it's in the back of my head at the base of my neck where I wear my ponytail, so I call them ponytail headaches. I know it's not from my ponytail since I get them whether my hair is down or up. The Depakote is supposed to help with migraines, but when I change my dose I seem to get more migraines. I just changed up my dose a week ago, but I increased it, so you would think that it would lessen the migraines, not make them worse.
My mood has been more stable today. I've actually been feeling better since I wrote that entry last night... not as soon as I was done, but before I fell asleep I felt better. I think that the migraines have been making my moods worse, since I take Excedrin with caffeine and then I go up, then I go down after and get another migraine. I've noticed this trend a bit since I started with the mood swings the past couple days so I've been just taking Tylenol and aspirin without the caffeine which is what makes up Excedrin. I just hate mood swinging with a passion. I don't know anyone who would like it, I'm just saying. I wanted coffee so badly today but I resisted knowing that the caffeine could send me into a mood swing. I have decaf, but I didn't want to risk it. Plus the decaf doesn't taste as good as the regular, and I wanted the good stuff.
Speaking of foodstuffs, my food has been good today. I ate my calories for the day and am in range for pretty much everything (except sodium). I have to be careful to eat my calories for the next couple days because I went to the buffet yesterday with my mil and ate way over my calories. If I don't eat my calories (on the low end, mind you) for the next couple days it might think I'm trying to starve myself and turn the extra calories to fat instead of burning them like I'm trying to do. I had a bunch of quesidillas today since all we have left in the house are tortillas and cheese, rice and chicken. It wasn't too bad, I just can't keep that up for much longer because I'm going to get sick of them really fast. I just needed something to eat, and they were there and worked. 
I haven't been sleeping well lately with all the mood swings. Last night I fell asleep around 11pm, but was up off and on all night. I was up before 10am, and didn't nap despite trying for most of the day. I think my headaches are partially because of the lack of sleep too. I think they are a combination of things, sleep, food, mood, medications, and stress. I haven't felt stressed today, but I went for a walk and felt like crap afterwards. I was so tired and it was hot, and the heat might be another thing to add to the headache thing. I've been drinking a ton of water (at least 8 glasses a day) so I don't think it's dehydration, but I could be wrong. I hope I get some good sleep tonight and can make it until Monday when I can check myself into the clinic if I need to. If I need to go before then, I will, don't worry, I'm just trying to wait until Monday because the weekends are horrible there- packed and no place to sleep sometimes. But we will see how it goes.