Life will be good again!

I have not had that kinf of feeling in along time, to actually feel happy about taking Shots. Although my Liver Enzymes are way up again, my Rheumy had me start on Enbrel Wednesday, Oct 14th 2009. I use the Sure Click and it wasn't so bad . it just stings a little. I don't want to think about the side effects it may cause, because I am concentrating on getting better so I can hike again. I will just have to deal with any other health issues as they arise. My Rheumy assured me that not all people will get what's on the paper and just not worry about it. I got up this morning and had no pain , I didn't have a limp and I also know it's too soon, I have read that it will help some people after the inital shot and (pain) may come back, but not as strong than before. I am hopeful this will help. I also don't have to pay for the shots right now and that is a huge burden lifted. I feel really happy today and haven't felt like this in a long time. My Senior Group ( I am a Senior Trip Director) are going to the Houston Quilt Show today., so I am double happy that I will be able to walk better than before. The people here at DS make my life better because I get to understand that I am not alone in this and the support is great. I do appreciate everyone of you. Thanks. I do miss some of the oldtimers from when I first signed on here last year, but it is also nice to welcome all the new ones. I just am surprised at the ages. They are so young and having to ggo through all this at that age is hard to imagine. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I am tapering off the Preds, because I believe that is whats causing my Liver to spike and hope that I still will be doing ok after I'm done with that. One Day at a time.