Life last

In April this year it will be 4 years since my father's passing, and about 4 years since I first came here. During this time I dealt with a huge emotional roller coaster in my life; at times it seemed mostly down and spiraling but there were some "ups" as well. Major contributing factors to the "downs and spirals" were the loss of my home, emotional, psychological and even financial abuse from people I had trusted to help me, a hellish job in a bad neighborhood where I was subjected to sexual harassment, verbal abuse (from the boss and the customers) and even robbery, to earn a bug-infested hotel room in a filthy building that should have been condemned years ago. Not to mention, I was only paid commission for the job and would have starved if not for food stamps.
Somewhere around that period, I house-sat for my "godmother" (actually a baptism sponsor from 20 years ago), but her personality had drastically changed toward me somehow and we had a falling out (which is sugarcoating it at best).
I lost my job in June 2012 due to the manager having stage four cancer and having to close the business. Since I had no income as yet, I also lost my place to live. (I see this now as a good thing, except for the cancer of course.) I had to ask my niece to take me in, and while I was moving the manager's ex-husband, who by then had taken over the hotel, stole several items out of my room---including a Korean War ribbon that had belonged to my late father.  I only discovered this a month later and the law would do nothing about it. In time, this man will answer to a Higher Judge, so I will let Him handle it.
I was somewhat happier at my niece's place, in a cleaner environment at last; but there were a lot of misunderstandings as there always have been in the family. In all fairness, I have my share of faults and certainly my share of quirks, so I'm not always the easiest person to live with. I understood that my niece had a lot on her own plate and I tried to help make things easier.
By this time, I had already tried for the third time to apply for SSI and they evaluated me again, this time successfully. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder and I have several physical problems as well that make it difficult to do manual labor. (I am 52 and have severe arthritis, possibly even fibromyalgia). I  have had constant depression since my father's death and the loss of the house, and the emotional abuse I dealt with over the last three years did not help. I am on anti-depressants and hypertension meds, have seen a therapist recently, and am considering further treatment. 
To give this story a happy ending, at least a more positive one, after getting involved with a grief support group at my church and getting to know a lot of good people, by January of this year I finally got my own place!!!!  One of the "church ladies" I know is my landlady, in fact---I moved into a studio guesthouse she was renting out. It's in a really lovely (and safe) neighborhood full of the most beautiful old houses, and close to three or four bus stops and close to shopping. The rent is reasonable, I pay my own utilities but am on the CARE program and even have digital cable now. :D
While I am still struggling with depression, physical pain and "baggage" from the past, as well as my BPD, I am still happier than I have been for a long time. I am getting more involved with my church and am working with both a grief support group and a healthcare ministry. In addition, I am educating myself about bipolar disorder, and hoping to educate others, and looking for new directions in my life.  I am working on forgiving those who hurt me and praying for them; it's an uphill battle, but it will happen.
 To those who showed their moral support during this time, many thanks; and a blessed Passover and Easter to you all.