Life is what happens when you're making other plans...

So two days ago Byron and Caitlin announce their plans to marry. We were in the stars, so happy.
Today I found out that Heidi's (she is my son Andy's widow) biopsied moles are Melanoma, Clark Level III. We're going to find out what needs to happen next to protect her from the disease progressing. Surgery, chemo... clinical trials?
She is terrified. I am terrified. She has no insurance. What's a young woman to do, in Asheville? Any ideas? I wish she was here. Maine has such excellent care for folks with no resources, as we learned with Andy's cancer journey.
I haven't told H about B&C or B&C about H. It's just so cruel. I'm sure they will share with each other... or I will soon... but I don't want to rain on the love parade or make Heidi feel guilty for bringing it all crashing down OR rub it in that her beloved is gone but others are making joyful plans. Oy. It's all so mean.
Back to real life. :*(