Life is good!

Im feeling a lot better in myself and doing well with the counsellor. I really like her and although the sessions are hard work i actually look forward to going. She makes me think about things i hadnt thought about before and helps me put my thoughts and feelings in to words without telling me how i should be feeling. Its ok to feel totally crap for no reason what so ever! so loving the counselling.

Work wise i got a new job working as a nursery nurse assistant with the 3year olds getting them ready for primary school. I start that hopefully in April which will be fun. Im just waiting for references.

I went to have coffee with my youth work line manager today and i didnt get the result i hoped for in that im still on sick leave but im happy with what she said and feel satisfied with teh end result. She is going to ask another guy we have worked with if i can volunteer at the junioir youth club which is for children ages 8-11. So if he says yes that would be good.

i discovered today through chatting with her that things will go on with out me and that life doesnt stop just coz i have to. Hum....its a hard lesson to learn coz i lead a lot of clubs that were 'my babies' and i couldnt imagine them going on with out me, in fact i was so wrapped up with them that i didnt want them to go on with out me! Im pleased that they are all doing well though.

life is good. Just got to get these stupid laxatives under control now!