Life in General

Looks like I'm moving forward.  I'm on a diet that's working, and have decided to consider the possibilities of someone in my future.  That's not to say that I'll marry again; that depends on God.  Basically I'm leaving this up to Him.
I've started writing again too.  I've got a story that I'm working on that I may post on this site.  It's a work in progress--a short story. 
And I'm back to studying Spanish after taking nearly a two year break.  I found it hard to go back to after my husband passed because the plan was for me to use my new language skills for our business.  Now there is no business so it's for me.
I figure I can use Spanish for a possible career.  I'd always wanted to be a translator when I was young, so maybe this could be my third career.  I may also relocate to a Spanish speaking country, so the skys  the limit with this language.  Now, if I can only forget my French.  I had five years of French, so I keep throwing French words into Spanish sentences.  And I sometimes translate from English to French and finally Spanish.  I've got a long way to go, but I'm having fun.
I had lunch with my friends the other day, then walked around shopping.  I bought a dog toy for my god-dog that he ate up almost immediately.
Oh, and I finally trained my conure to say 'Awesome.'  Today he said it several times.  The little fellow even told me to be a good bird when I left this morning.  Made me smile most of the day, so I guess I was a good bird.
I do believe that Jesus is coming back, but while I wait, I plan to have a ball.
Smiling as I write,



You\'re sounding very positive and upbeat...and definitely in possession of some forward momentum...With God in control the possibilities are endless...glad you\'re opening yourself to them...and having fun. I, too, believe Jesus is coming back, but I\'m sure He wants us to enjoy living while we are \"Awesome\" be a good bird & keep up the good work....

Smiling as I read your journal,

Sounds like you are doing very well, indeed. I need to be starting on some type of diet, but, haven\'t made myself yet. With snow and ice, here in the South, I\'ve not ventured out since I got in from church Sunday night. We were not supposed to be on the roads on Mon. Of course, I saw or heard a couple of vehicle out. Today, there were many more out.....not me!

I should be ready to get out later this week. Sitting here, eating, and watching tv or on computer, or both, is not what I need to do for long!!
As your bird said, be a good bird. I\'m sure you are, hope everything goes well for you this year.

Hugs, Joely

That sounds great.. you have such a good attitude. I am also trying to make the most of my days.... I also look so forward to the return of Jesus.... but until then, let\'s enjoy what we can and serve Him the best we can!!

Hugs, Linda

This is all so good to hear - each positive thing is like a step forward. Good for you. Funny, I have a list of things I am going to do, and the first one on my list to learn Spanish. Since I\'m now trying to think ahead to what my future - soon - retirement will be without Wayne, I\'ve been really considering moving to some place in Latin America, have found that there are many retiree expatriate communities there and I will be POOR if I stay in the U.S. You are truly inspiring! thanks for sharing, Marisa

I love all your activities! What a great inspiration you are. Please post your story it would be wonderful to read.
I have found a new surge of creativity myself in the midst of this pain. As hard as pain is it forces us to go to deep places the contintment can distract us from. You are a good bird!!