Life Goes On

I'm not really sure if I have that much to say that will really interest anyone but I felt the need to do an update.
I've been doing pretty darn good but I had a few days around my birthday where I'm not sure if I picked up a bit of a bug or if my Lupus was reminding me that I'm not 100% in remission.  I still have trouble distinguishing between not well & Lupus stuff & I wonder if there are others that sometimes get confused.
We've been way way too hot here most of the time & I find my Lupus really tells me fast to stay indoors where it's cool.
Of course here we have horrible humidity with the heat.  In fact today if you converted the temperature it was between 100 & 110.  Hubby has a hard time with those temps cause of his COPD.
The air conditioning at the cat shelter has not always been running properly & when I've been there I feel so sorry for some of the cats so I've been keeping windows covered & finding fans to keep running to try & make things as comfortable for them as possible.
Well I guess thats abt it for now.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.



I Love That You Love Animals, TOO..

Unconditional Love....UH?

The humidity was pretty high today. Breathing was rough on hubby too. Went swimming so that helped a bit.
Hope the kitty\'s are okay. They do need air conditioning.
Hope you week turns out great.
Thinking of you.
Hugs Nance

I know those poor cats, they must love you for taking such good care of them. It has been hot and humid here to, no outside for me either. Poor Mel he\'s just like me can\'t take the heat. Best to stay in A/C when possible. People come see me need a sweater in my house. I keep it cool it helps with my breathing. Have a great day. Love, Frieda xxxoooo