Life can get to you

A few weeks ago I went in for a checkup. Turns out I am starting to develop an ulcer. But they gave me some medication and hopefully that will help. I went to the town where my surgeon is a day early just to get away from stuff that was going on around home. Things got out of control that day with my younger sister who is jealous of the baby. She didn't think the mom to the baby was making the right decision in giving him to my husband and I. She started all kinds of problems that day and I found out that she was lying to the bio mom of the baby telling her all sorts of things. Of course the bio mom didn't believe a word she was saying because she is also the bio mom of my oldest so she knew what would happen with baby based on history. My sister was pissed because I felt that the baby wasn't safe with his bio mom and was willing to take him and raise him for her but felt that her three year old was fine with his mom. She can't fathom that a mother could be ok with one child and not ok with the other. I've watched her with the three year old and there is a bond between them that cannot be broken. Aside from indulging him in garbage food to much she loves him and takes good care of him. She never could bond with my oldest when he was a baby and found herself in the same position with the baby. She came to me with papers signed giving us custody of the baby and crying saying she just couldn't care for him. My sister found out that my husband planned on adding his name to the birth certificate since there wasn't a father named and blew a gasket. It wasn't her business and I told her so. That next morning i get a call telling me that my mother was taken to the hospital and that she has lost control of her bodily functions and that her organs particularly her kidneys were shutting down. Her prognosis wasn't very good and she may only be barely alive when I get back home. So all through my appointments I was racked with worry about my mother and tension from my sister acting like a b word. We get back to our home town and I find a sitter for the boys so that I can go to the hospital to see my mother. She was at that time doing better, she was sedated but making a turn around she had a severe infection that was causing the problems and they got her on some really strong antibiotics that were working. After the visit I left the hospital to go pick up my kids and my sister starts calling me again causing problems. She had given me a car that I had yet to title and register in my name. It was parked in my driveway because I was unable to financially do that yet. She insisted that since I hadn't done so that she was taking it back. When I told her she couldn't and that she was't allowed on my property she called the police to have me arrested for auto theft. Her words not mine. When the police got here I showed them the signed title stating she gave me the car and they informed her that she had no rights to the car. She then decided that since she couldn't get me that way she would try another. So she told the officer that my house was filled with animal feces and piled high with dirt and filth. I asked the officer to come into my home and see what he found. He found nothing except that my six year olds bedroom was utter destruction. He informs me that he finds nothing wrong except that the boys room could be cleaned up more. Then he pulls me aside and tells me that my sister also stated to him that I was selling and giving away narcotic drugs. I about hit the floor from shock. I told him that the last time I had a prescription for narcotic drugs was right after my surgery and I haven't had anything since and that I still had several pills left over from that prescription. I then asked him if I needed to pull up my pharmacy records as I only use one pharmacy and he said no. He was satisfied with what he heard and was convinced that it was a family dispute. He told me that I was to not contact her and she was to not contact me and that he would be telling her so. I was fine with that. Then a few days later I open the door and there is the department of family and children services standing there stating they had a report of severe abuse and neglect and that the person who reported stated I was doing drugs and that she knew this because I have dropped several pounds in the past couple of months more than an average person would drop. Also that she witnessed me hitting the baby and leaving bruises in my six year old. I let the worker in the house walked her through the house. She made a comment that there wasn't that much in the fridge so I proceeded to show her that the freezers were full and explained to her that I had, had gastric bypass surgery in October so since my husband was a long haul driver and rarely home it was only the six year old and I that ate so I would buy stuff and freeze it for the most part until we were ready to eat it so that it wouldn't go bad. She understood and said that made sense. I had basic stuff in the fridge (milk, etc), the cupboards were full and the freezers were pretty full. I had plenty of formula for the baby as well. She then proceeded to have me strip down the baby and asked my six year old to take off his clothes to his undies as well. She examined them for bruises and found none. She then commented about my six year old being sick and inquired about the baby having doctor visits. I informed her that they both had an appointment the following day. She was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get medical treatment for the baby and I showed her the paperwork that showed my husband was being listed as the babies father on his birth certificate and the notorized statement giving my husband and I complete custody of the baby. She was happy and satisfied with the visit and started to leave. I looked at her and said I will see you again in a week. She asked me why I would say something like that and I informed her that my sister is bi-polar and in a manic state at this time and the results of getting the baby taken out of my home didn't happen so she would be calling until that happened or until they got tired of coming out to my home. That seemed to make sense to her.

So all in all the last few weeks I have been dealing with an ulcer in the stomach making me sick, a very ill mother, a sick child, a fussy baby, a husband on the road, a torn rotator cuff, an injured meniscus and a psychotic sister. Little to no sleep, extreme tension and pain that otc meds doesn't touch had made life pretty miserable right now. I'm so tired and just want things to calm down. Any one of those things alone would be enough but I get them all. I just keep my mind focused on what I need to do to get through and know that things will calm down. I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel and giving up but I keep pushing forward. "If the Lord brings you to it he will bring you through it" has been my mantra these last few weeks. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel as my mom is getting better and actually back home, my six year old is getting better, the baby is starting to calm down and get into a routine, the hubby is making money and supporting his family, I am going to physical therapy for the rotator cuff to hopefully take care of that and the knee is starting to feel better. Haven't seen cops of dcf for some time now and hopefully they will never have a reason to come out again. I haven't talked to the sister as I informed her and the rest of the family that I want nothing to do with her until she got herself some serious help.