Life can change in a heart beat

I have always thought life can change in the blink of an eye and today was one of those days.
It started with what I thought was going to be my usual 15 mile morning ride.Things were going well for the first part then about a quarter of the way out I stopped for some water. The place where I stopped had a board showing different trails in the area .For the most part I stick to thre trail that I know ,,, its fairly flat , smooth ,, there is some mud but overall its not to bad but its a good morning workout . Buttttttttttttttttttt, for some reason today I say try somthing more challenging , so I picked a trail I have herd other people talk about but never tried .Its much harded,big hills , tall grass ,, lots of mud . The thing about this trail is few people use it so if you are out there u may not see some one for a long time .
I got near the half way mark and thought well you have done well just go back and see if you can go all the way next time. This debate went on for about 30 sec in my mind. The bad thing was that just ahead there was a small wood bridge that came up very fast that I did not know about that I had to go slightly down hill on . I had to quickly decide to go for it or hit the brakes. Sooooo , I judged that the bridge was wide enough and I could do it . So so so wrong I was . The bike went down ,hit the front of the bridge and that was it ,I remember leaving the bike and being airborne for a sec then I hit the bridge landing on my face ,shoulder and leg (left side) As I lay there looking between the wood slots at the river I was wondering if I had really hurt myself . I decided to just lay there and not even try to move , so for 2 min ,,,, I looked down at what ever there was to see ,,, saw some fish ,,, saw some ducks , saw some birds , saw some bugs ,,,, even saw my bike just sittin in the river one wheel still going around .
After my 2 min time out , I sat up ,than after a min decided to stand up ,,,, to my shock there was no real pain , no blood or cuts . So I says to myself go home u idiot ,,, and I did . The ride home was painless , stopped for water once but felt ok . As I pulled in the drive I said a small prayer thanking god I was ok.
Oh when I got off the bike ,,,,,,,,,, yikes,,,,,,,, THATS when i felt it , OMG !!!! My left leg is a very nice shade of black and blue , and the face ewww ,,, well it never was much so life goes on . I have a date with an ice pack and a bath tub...
Life can change in a heart beat.