Letting Go of Expectations

Just returned home from a nice holiday visit with family. I enjoyed it very much!
I have decided that part of the secret to my enjoying Christmas these days is that I no longer have any expectations regarding the holiday!
When my husband was alive I suppose I always expected Christmas to be a magical, romantic time, and that he would get me "just the right gift", which in reality rarely ever happened. And I expected that he would LOVE whatever I got him.
Now I have no expectations at all. I enjoyed figuring out gifts for everyone, and expected no gifts in return. Thus I was pleasantly surprised by the few things that I did get. It was a special holiday because I spent time with people who love me. These are the same people who supported me so much for the first year after my husband died. I don't think I would have survived without their love, support, and phone calls. True, they live far away, but still they were a tremendous help!
God is good! ALL THE TIME!