letter too my lost child

well im sat here thinking about my miscarriage and it seems the only way for me too get through this is too write a letter.
so here goes :)
too my precious child teegan/colby
people say that everything happens for a reason, and maybe thats true but i just cant find the reason for why i lost such a precious part of me.
okay, mummy will tell you the story :)
well, i never imagined i would fall pregnant, never imagined i would have another life growing inside me ( not for a few years yet anyway) but it happened and i did.
at first, mummy was so confused about how i was going too deal with it, and i had too consider all my options. im 16, im practically a child myself.
i got used too the idea of being a mummy, of having those responsibilitys, of having too provide for, care, and support a child.
you wasnt any child, you were my child, you were growing inside of me, i created you.
mummy was so prepared for the years too come! and it suddenly got took away in the blink of an eye.
maybe mummy writing this letter doesnt make any sense too you or anybody here on ds, but too me its a release for how i feel, also a letter of love!
because although you never had the chance too see the world, and mummy never got too give you cuddles, i still loved you. i loved you from the moment i found out about you growing inside of me, and i'll never forget the happiness that you brought me for those 14 weeks inside my tummy, i'll never forget the joy i felt.
you were mummys world, and still are!
its a shame that you cant be here!
all my love
mummy xxxx