Letter to my ex

Letter I will never send....
I"ve talked so much to you and you just agree and never change anything. I hate that you make me be so heartless and make you figure this out on  your own. But you are a grown man!
I'm sorry your car is broken and the tags are expired and it won't pass inspection. But truthfully, if you would go look for a job that paid you more than 8.50 and hour you might be able to get that fixed. Even when jobs were begging for you, you turned them down so that you can work nights and have the least amount of hassle possible.
Have you called about cashing out your 401k yet? No? suprise suprise. I gave you all the information you needed for it it months ago...
Your tooth is hurting? Poor baby.. You have full cover dental insurance! Don't be a dumb ass and make an appointment with the dentist!
Tired of living with your gross pot head roommate? How much time have you spent saving money or looking for another place. NO? Then stop griping.
My first instinct is to save you as always, move in with me, you can save money, let me start giving you half my paycheck to help you out of this jamm.
Your lonely? Then you shouldn't have fucking left!!!!!
I'm getting angry and just OVER feeling sorry for him. It keep me up all night wondering how he is going to get back and forth to work. I have to let it go. ITs not my problem anymore.....