I wanted to write you a letter. I know that this last month, really the last year has been very hard. I also know that still have a lot to work thru. But I wanted to say that I appreciate your patience. It may not seem like it but I am not as strong as it may appear,and although this may be what I want, It has been difficult hurting my best friend. I wish I had better answers for you and could explain away your pain,but I cant. I feel very strongly about my decision and can only hope that at some point you will understand, and we can both share new found happiness in pur lives. As the days progress please know that what ever happens between us, good days and bad I will always care for you and your feelings . I wish that I felt differently and could could save you so much pain. But I think you know me more than anyone else,and that I am doing what I think is right. i am not asking you to put all at your faith in my hands.And I am not asking you not to protect your heart, I am asking that you trust me in my decision.I dont expect you to stand by me. But I hope at some point we can both stand together as friends and heal and look back on our time as to people that learned a great deal together, and will continue to learn things in the future..I do not know what my  or your future holds. But I know what you are capable of and that one day you will be the happy and confident person I knew you could always be.     This was a letter that my wife wrote to me on 4-14-08.It was as hard to type as it was to read . I had to stop 4 times to do this