Let's try this again

I haven't been doing so well in the pulling department lately.  What's new??  We're leaving for Florida on the 11th of March for a wedding reception and I just have to have some eyebrows!!  I've done pretty good leaving my eyelashes alone for the most part (not going to say not at all) so they don't look too bad.  They look pretty good with mascara, just really thin in several places.  My eyebrows on the other hand, the only thing I have of those are the parts closest to my nose.  I had started off the year pretty good, but once again I failed miserably.  I just want to be able to enjoy myself at the reception.  Regardless of what happens, at least I have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to look forward to while we're there...totally stoked about that!!!!
Here's to hoping I can make it...again :)


Community LeaderMid

Hang in there, I have started seeing growth on my eyebrows after using the moisturizer cream on the whole area of the brow. The skin is soft and doesn\'t \"dig\" itch as the new hairs come through the different layers of the skin to the surface.
Florida vacation, here we come! I\'m starting a goal as well with my eyebrows!