Lessons Learned

It's not the fact that I loved her that makes me miss her so badly. Of course I did and do love her, more than anyone I ever knew, more than I imagined myself capable of loving. It's the fact that she loved me so much, so completely, that there is a ragged hole left in my soul by her absence. She proved her love to me constantly, daily and hourly, by her words and actions. She showed me how to love her back, using any means necessary to get through to me.
Her devotion to me was absolute, unflinching and unapologetic. There was so much beauty in that love, I was frequently awed by it. It felt like a dream at times. And just when I finally came to accept it (and she knew that I had, in our last day together), it was ripped away.
She taught me so much. She made me face myself, peeling away layers of rationalization and bringing raw emotions to the surface in powerful ways. She never allowed me to hide my feelings in the ways I was so accustomed to doing. She made me manifest the person I've always been inside. Those lessons have changed me forever. Someday the pain may subside, but she will always remain with me.