Ive been doing so well lately i have my down days but mostly i can function normally.
Just a few things have been happening on a bad note im fighting with my brother over the way he has been treating me lately and the way he talks to me and he has decided to not talk to me anymore which hurts bc all i was asking 4 was an apology. I know im probably overeacting bc i am very sensitive lately but i still think i deserve some respect especially with everything i have gone through. To make things worse i got home 2day to find an eviction notice in the mailbox it doesnt even have an explaination on it. we r not behind in rent and look after the house. I love this house it is our home i dont want to move. Im going to the real estate tomorrow to see if anything can be done about it.
It just seems like its one thing after another lately and i would just like a bit of a break from the stress. I was so upset when i found out but lately ive discovered how strong i truely am. If life keeps giving me lemons im going to keep on making lemonade



Hang in there. I hope things get better for you soon! Hugs.......