Leaving?..... or ....Starting a NEW?

   I'm thinking about deleting my account on here... no point to be on here....No one talks to me any more and some things cause me pain....so that's not healthy for me to continue on here....I'm leaving this post up for 2 weeks and if I don't hear from anyone telling me they want me here then I'm gone. But if people tell me they want me here I'm deleting all my Friends and keeping only those select few.
   So thank you for those who cared for me in my time of  need, but now this place just causes me pain and a lot has changed.
   I'm on my own, I'm going to Uni (college) and I'm working. I moved to the city and got  out of the country and my BF and I are closer and I see him very frequently and he said the only reason why we're not Engaged is Because he wants to save money up for the best ring and make all special told him he didn't have to ... but we all know I want a Wifey not a Husband! Still scared he's gonna leave me like every other guy....in my life :( But anyways life's really different for me from when I stared on here was in love three times on here and all broke my heart....so I don't need that resting over me on here.
   If anyone responds thank you and if you want my # to text/call me .... yahoo. MSN..Skype name etc. I'll give it to you just make your reason valid  



I for one will miss you. Even thought we don\'t get to talk to one another much, the times we did I enjoyed. I can understand your reasons though, ultimately you need to be happy and that is what I want for you . If you would still like to go, I understand but I will miss you. If you want to, send me a private message on here and we can exchange a messager account. Please don\'t feel alone okay, you. Aren\'t. Ithink about my friends everyday, and I do think on you as one.

Do don\'t know Ds very well. People comment in cycles. About every four journals, I\'ll get some hugs and comments. Every time I answer questions in my support groups I get friend requested and \"than youed\" About every 6 months the main people that I talk to don\'t come on as much and I get new \"friends\".

When you write, \"no one even reads my journals.\" You\'ll get a lot of comments for awhile, then it will go back to once in awhile. This is because people don\'t always know how to respond. I read every one of my friends journals everyday. I don\'t always have time to comment.

Congrats on working, going to college, being on your own. That\'s what I want to do.