Learning more about MG

I've just joined this group after reading for a while. I have a probable MG diagnosis. I am negative for AchR and am waiting for government approval (Canada) for MuSK testing. I had a "Lazarus effect" response to Mestinon but negative EMG and SFEMG. So do I have MG? I wonder this every day.
 I have a handful of other seronegative but probable autoimmune diseases: celiac, thyroid,Sjogen's, some kind of undiagnosed calcium disorder and now MG as well. I've had symptoms of MG for at least four years but was told I didn't have MG by a neurologist then so have been worrying about other nasty diseases like MS or ALS.I'm interested in the overlap of mitochondrial disease and MG as I have symptoms of both.
Flutebell aka Kathy from Canada



Hi, Kathy! I will help you get connected with the Mito community! I hope you get some answers soon! My daughter played in a bell choir for her entire childhood! XOXO Rosie