Today I can't help but laugh.  I know this isn't funny but it's starting to get ridiculous to the point where I can't do anything but laugh.  I wrote about my teeth, well it's official, the night grinding has caused me to break two of them which requires two crowns.  I went to the doctor to check on my stomach and it seems an ulcer may be the cause of the pain.  So she is running some tests and wants me to see a gastroenterologist.  I've develped an eye twitch which never stops when I'm awake so I'm now taking something for that which is also supposed to help me sleep.  Did I mention I have no dental or health insurance?  hahahah.  This is cracking me up and I know it shouldn't, but really, can you see the irony in this?  I've lost everything, including my two older kids who want to go live with their dad in Louisiana and my youngest has a brain malformation.  I keep thinking of Job, pronounced Jobe for all you non bible readers.  He was tested by the devil to see if he was really loyal to God.  The devil took everything away from him,  his children, his health, everything and even his wife wanted him to stop suffering, curse God and just die, but he wouldn't.  He remained faithful.  I can't help but feel some relation to Job now.