last night's viasco

Dad knocked on my door last night to ask me if I've been avoiding him, so I said yes.
But for the past week I havent really spoken to anyone outside of work. No visits, phone calls, no txt, msn or communication with anyone besides work and my brother and sister. It wasn't really a concious thing though, more of an exaustion thing, feeling run down and frustrated.
I've been getting headaches for about a month now, and nausia's started to come with it. So I've made a doc's appt for tomorrow afternoon, see what the good doctor has to say, though I'm sure that it's all stress triggered.
Anyway he comes into my room, asks if I've been avoiding him, I say yes. For the past week he's been home (he works in mining. when he and mum first announced their split they agreed that while he's here, she'll stay away and do her own thing, and while he's at work she'll come home) I've snuck through the back laundry door after work, to just jump straight into bed. Usually I'll grab a bite to eat after work, instead of finding something at home because I dont want to risk him asking me for advice, or fishing for information I dont even know.
I told him about how his bad mood's are affecting everyone else, that his fishing for information, and assumptions are making everyone else upset. He told me that he feel's like he's supporting us (being myself, him, and my little brother and sister) and mum's friends, assuming she's spending money on them. I told him that I'm supporting everyone too. He gives me this skeptic look, like I'm the poor sucker who's imagining things. So I explain that his support is all financial, mines emotional.
I'm trying to keep him up, my sister, my brother, my mum, friends, and me. I'm tired of his cynisis, and negitivity, and the fact that he lied to my mum and told her that we've been phoning him at work telling him all this bad stuff she's apparently been doing or some shit, when it's been him calling us, asking where she is, what she's doing, and when we tell him we dont know, which is true most of the time we dont. She's always been the sort to tell a little bit of a story, and leave out a lot. Then he thinks that we're not telling him stuff.
There's been a few times that he's asked us to call, I have and he's had me crying, ready to hang up on him his anger and resentment has gotten him trying to ask me, and my little sister for advice, who is only 17 and doesn't have the age or life experience's to help a 45 year old man.
I told him that I was not as okay as I make out to be. That he needed to change and stop making assumptions. I told him that I've been to the place that mum hang's out. I went there again to get away, and all we did there was collect recycling cans, did washing and moved some potted plants. Thats it! None of the stuff that he's assuming goes on there.
Then when I tell him this, he still acts as if I'm the one in denial and he's right. It got to a point where I dry reached, and began to hyperventilate I was sobbing so badly. It all sounds very trivial to my eyes when I read it in print, like I really shouldn't complain, but at the time it was terrible.
Then, while hyperventilating like I was, he left the room. Guess he said everything that he needed to say. I put my head on my knees and tried to take deep breaths. It worked, but I couldn't stop shaking or crying for a while. And what annoys me too is that I wasn't able to say everything I wanted to, because I was crying so much.
Next time.
Thanks for reading!
Ttyl xxoo