Last Journal

To my Daily Strength Family and Friends,
In about a week or so, I will be closing my account on this site, while I pursue an opportunity that may help to provide better financial freedom. This new endeavor will be time consuming and will not afford me the quality time I need to discuss issues that we all share together that help to enhance the overall condition of our lives.
In my short time here, I have met the most wonderful and caring people one can hope to meet. Your compliments, love and support will leave a memory I will never forget.
I will continue to hope and pray, that the mental and physical challenges we all face, will be loved away by the members of DS and your God. 
Very much in love with you all,




sorry to see you leave so fast...this place can be addictive and take time but it also can just be a comfort do not need to leave this place forever...leave the account open and check in if the money making adventure poops out or you just want to talk to some nice folks...don\'t become a stranger....