Las Vegas Attractions that You Want to Visit with Your Best Buddies

Are you planning to travel overseas with your best buddies in 2018? So check your visa and passport, circle your calendar, do advanced packing, and  plan your first and last day after reading our article. We could save your time and energy in researching what are the best places to visit in 2018. Here are the top 3 cities that you can visit with your group. They are London, San Diego, and Las Vegas.



Whether you have ever come to this place or not, the very best things to do and see in London might be missed by visitors. Here is the checklist of  London Attractions that you could consider. You will be spoilt with the attractions offered in this city.

Covent Garden

It is one of the best London Landmarks. Visit covent garden wherein you could take a walk and browse around the Apple Market. Also consider to take on the Shard. It is the tallest building in the Western Europe. The tower has every floor to ceiling windows wherein you can use them to see the amazing views of the surrounding London. The View From the Shard is a public visiting area which is height around 244 metres above the ground level. Add to this to the list of Things to do in London.

St James’s Park

It is a park wherein you and your entourage can enjoy such recreating and relaxing time together. The good thing here is that you can see the Pelicans chowing down on fish. It can be the rare view in your country.


London Eye

The London Eye is popular because it is said that it is spinning. Well, it does not really spin. Actually, the views of the wheels above the ground is pretty amazing. It is the good thing for joining the horde to enjoy the London Eye together.

South Bank

It is also the area that you can’t afford to miss when you and your best buddies come to London. You can see the iconic red buses commuting around the area, which is the daily activities that you can see. Join the fun by hopping aboard for  an amazing experience on navigating the London from the driver’s seat for a bus.

The V&A

The V&A has been renovated and we don’t have to tell you that it is the foremost place to see in London when you come. The Cafe’s Gamble Room is awesome. It is now the house of the Sainsbury Gallery, the place of the temporary exhibitions. If you are lucky, you will witness the attractions from the artists from around the world. Consider bringing your camera with you to capture all the incredible moments. Definitely one of the top things to do in London.

San Diego


San Diego is the oldest town in California, which offers the tourists with the astonishing natural beauty and the great climate for everyone to visit. Basically, San Diego is all-year round destination. There are a lot of things to do in San Diego. Here we go.

San Diego Zoo

It is located in the Balboa park. It is considered as one of the largest and most famous zoos in the US. It cater to folks who love the nature, flora, and fauna. With a lot of things to offer on the table, it has been npo.1 top destinations for groups and family. You can enjoy viewing the exotic animals, as well as the enclosures of the animal, to recreate the real setting of their habitats. Your journey with your best buddies will be awesome.

Balboa Park

This Park is what you need if you and your best buddies want to spend hours in San Diego. The area itself is 1,400 acre which consists of the historical buildings, museums, gardens, and greeneries. Initially, the park was established to cater the event of Panama California Exhibition in 1915-1916. Most of the buildings remain still until today. The great things to see is the botanical gardens and lily pond. Then don’t forget to visit the Museum of Man, Museum of Natural History, and the Museum of Art which specialize in the niche they suggests. It is indeed one of the most absolute San Diego attractions that you can’t miss.

Gaslamp Quarter

Gaslamp Quarter is located in the downtown San Diego. Now it is the crowded area with the restaurants, shops, and galleries. This attracts local folks and tourists. The area covers from Broadway to San Diego Bay. With such large area, you may spend the whole day browsing the area. Consider to purchase a thing or two to bring to your home.

Seaport Village

It will be a soothing experience visiting this village since it offers big area of unique shops and restaurants. Not to mention that the area is open for pichinc,. The waterfront patio is definitely what you need to create such a party with your friends.


It is one of the city’s main places to visit in San Diego. The SeaWorld is prevalent for families and groups. If you are wondering the attraction that can be enjoyed by you and your horde, then this is the right answer. As the name suggests, it specializes the killer whales, sea lions, and other sea lives. There are also many kinds of amusement venues and playground.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not only about casino and strip club. YOu can find a lot of Las Vegas attractions that will be perfect for you and your best buddies.

Delano Beach Club

Add this name to the list of things to do in Las Vegas and you will be awesome. The beach club offers you convenient attractions including the poolside massage. This will relax you before joining with the main pool at Mandalay Bay.


By far, Las Vegas has the best cocktails in the US. HAve you ever tried the Vesper Bar at Cosmopolitan? Take your entourage there and see.

Grand Canyon

It is one of the best Las Vegas attractions that you can enjoy with your entourage. Consider to take a helicopter to get the view from above. Or, you might want to challenge your friends to get motorbike to the Grand Canyon. Your choice.