Laguna Beach

I would like to think that this is positive. 
     I had to go to the Doctor today in Laguna Beach.  That is a three hour drive and a world away from where I live here in the desert.
    I am not going to go into the Dr. appointment just yet.  There is something much more wonderful to write about.  We arrived several hours early as a good portion of the drive is through LA traffic.  The normal drive time is 3 hours, however, in traffic can be as much as 6 hour according to the map that Dennis printed out.   So we found the neighborhood Denny's resturant and had some breakfast and talked.  You would think that after 32 + years we would run out of words but we havent yet!!!
 When we left the resturant we could see the ocean peek at us though the trees and the most amazing beach front homes.   However, I was more upset that the houses blocked my veiw of the ocean than impressed with them. Dennis found a little park that we could drive down to.  It was only a dollar an hour to park.  Doesn't seem quite fair that they can charge us to see the wonders of God.  But I have to say it was SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.   I stood on that beach with the sand under my feet and felt so at home.  I watched as the waves rolled to the shore and broke with a thunderous roar.   I watched as they broke against a series of rocks a short distance out.  The rocks look so much like the backs of whales just resting there. 
The sun had just started to peek out of the thin cloud cover as I stood there and watched as the waves broke against those almost black rocks with the froth of the wave as white as snow.  As it broke it sent out gazillions of tiny droplets that caught the sun and shone like diamonds as they fell.
I have to go to Laguna beach again in May.  I hope we have time again so that I can stand on that beach and watch the ocean ebb and flow.
I did not realize how very much I missed it untul I saw it again.