l am a diabetic mommy with a diabetic furbaby!

I had accepted the challenge years ago of having diabetes, and have succeeded in controlling it and not allowing it to cause too much issues within my body.  I have lived my life as healthy as I can possibly can.  Even when Graves disease decided to invade my body, I accepted that challenge and now both diseases live peacefully within my body, though like siblings they have their squabbles at times.  I have the control, these two diseases do not control me.
So you figure having these two challenges, that nothing else can invade my quiet somewhat normal life but noooooo, who ever is handing out life challenges, decided I once again needed another - my sweet little senior Chihuahua Cee Cee has been diagnosed with diabetes today, she had a blood glucose of 485.
About a week ago, we discovered one of our four fur-babies was urinating where they should not, though with the weather here in New England, could not blame them for not wanting to go out. We put down the doggy pads and whoever at the time did use the pads making the cleanup easier. 
Then I noticed their water dish needed to be filled a couple times a day. My mind suddenly clicked and I knew one of my babies had a problem.  Now trying to track down who the culprit was became quite the challenge, we took head count, watched to see where each one was, listened for the lapping of water, finally I caught my shy sweet little girl who will soon be 12 years in the act. so went and got my spare meter, followed her all over the house - amazing how she knows I am going to do something to her.
Finally found her in the bed room, head under the bed since she can't get the whole body under LOL.  guess she thinks I can't find her if she hides her head.  Got her out, and of course can't get no blood from her tough pads on her feet. Then I remembered the ears on dogs, finally got some blood and on my meter she was 509!!!
Now human meters are not very accurate for dogs and I figured I got her higher than she really was, but she was still too high.  Called the vet this morning, got her an appointment, and an hour after running blood work, urine test (try following a dog around to catch urine in a dish, with snow LOL.  The tech was so patient doing this.)  The doctor comes out and says "and what kind of insulin do you take?  I laugh and said I pop pills.
So my gal is diabetic and when they overnight the insulin, I will begin the fun of shots twice a day and blood testing (after ordering a meter used for pets), watching diet and try to get her to exercise.  But I can do this, after all I had many years of practice on myself so I can take care of this precious pet who is my heart.
03/13/15  Today she goes for her first official checkup, I have the printed out listing of her numbers and her morning fastings have been under 300 instead of the 500's so doing better, hopefully.  Now hubby has a NO NO for CeeCee list on the refridgerator, thinks cheese won't hurt her now lol, you think he would have learned with me.



Sorry your gals sick! Never fun! Hugs

hi... my little dog was diagnosed with Diabetes this year and is doing fine. It takes time to regulate the numbers, but it\'ll happen. She also lost her sight and hearing. She had surgery and can see out of one eye... which restored her zest for life. I learned from her surgeon that 3 meals a day with 3 insulin shots is the way to go and her numbers are very normal.. more than hubby who has diabetes. Like you, we share our problems with our pets :)


that\'s good for your fur-baby, CeeCee is doing ok, she is 2 meals a day, 12 hr apart and handling fine. finding a spot to test on her was fun but she doesn\'t seem to mind too much