Kissed by the Sun

Ok I know I said that I was going to take a break from writing.
Needless to say, here I am writing an entry today. I guess, I am writing today
to keep in check that things do brighten up. That low points in life and moods
are never a forever feeling. Or does this prove that I am psychotic. A woman
that is a yo yo of emotions going up and down. Alright, lets get to the


I cheered up last night and had some well deserved laughs.
It has been a long time since I have laughed with such heartfelt joy. It was so
satisfying to my soul. I will cherish that moment. I wont remember what was
said or how it came to be in the future but I do know this, I will remember the
person and their concern and devotion to my feelings to try their best to
change my mood to a happy state. I am not use to such good friends. I am not
use to people in my life who really listen and care about my needs. I have been
the giver and perhaps always will be. It is so nice, so damn nice to have
someone giving back, someone who brings a bit of sunshine to a gloomy day. I
appreciate you and all you have done for me. I appreciate our moments and the
friendship we share. I thank you for that. More than words could very convay.


Today I made plans to make sure I spent it outside. Even
though it hit 95 degrees, I enjoyed the inferno. It melted my worries and
troubles away. The sun so high in the air, my flesh being stroked by the rays
of heat, I welcome it all with arms wide open. I usually sit in my studio
(which has no windows) and work or surf the net. It was a much needed change of
senery. I didnt mind that my sholders where getting a bit burned. It will be a
nice reminder that there is something more to my life than a dark dungeon to
sit in.


The dungeon calls me and I will have to return to it
tomorrow and do what I do bestseclude me from the World. I wont forget about
the today, for I will be reminded by the slight pain on the tops of my shoulders;
that I have been kissed by the sun.