Kharma works...and needs to this time for sure

It's been a long time since I journaled and I guess it's because I haven't really had too much to vent about. I kinda use this spot as a place to vent. I'm a freelance writer and I tend to write about positive things but here on DS I just UNLEASH! :P Good things are happening :) I have an amazing boyfriend now who is understanding about my disease and just generally treats me well. We're far away right now but I have a feeling that will change in a year or two if I play my cards right :)   He's very special to me and has been (for some strange reason I can't explain) since the day I first met him. We have a lot to learn from each other and a lot to teach each other and this is going to be a wonderful experience I can tell :) Now...on to the venting! Well, I had one of my Friday parties again and it was a really good time. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in awhile and some new friends that I just met recently showed up and everyone got along really well and I love when things like that happen. When the party wrapped up and everyone went home it was down to my one roommate Matt who was passed out in his room and my friend Nazle who was helping me clean up. Suddenly, we hear a knock on the door. It's 3:30 am. It's none other than our co-worker Cory and he's obviously intoxicated. "Woah, we thought you weren't coming," I said.  "And you're...drunk." "No, no...I'm not..." he kept saying.  But he was slurring his words and he just had that look. He had a plastic bag with some beers in it and he already was cracking one open. "Maybe you should just chill on that.  Sit down and have some water." I tried but of course he didn't listen. He told us he was out at the bar with some other co-workers and decided to see if we were still partying. So in my head I was thinking I would try my best to get him to sober up and even try to get him to crash on the couch. He did not need to be driving. We all sat and talked for about 45 minutes and he was cracking open another beer. We were all on the porch and I got up to go inside when suddenly he smacked my ass. I turned and gave him a shocked look and he said, "You owe me." I was livid.  "" Then he laughed and went into my apartment. I looked over at Nazle and she was completely shocked. "Ok...we need to get him out of here. Drunk or not....he is no longer welcome and I want him gone." She nodded and followed me inside. "Hey, listen..." I said.  "We're about to go to bed.  So we're just going to take the trash out and we'll walk you out when we do so.  Maybe you can even help us if you don't mind." They both know about my PKD and know that it's hard for me to carry heavy things. "Oh, yeah...absolutely,"  he said.  "In fact,  I'll just take it down for you since it's on my way out.  I'll just throw it in the back of my car." "Oh don't have to do that." "Oh, problem!" So I figured, why not? While I'm gathering the trash up Nazle complained that it was cold in the apartment so he took that as an invitation to wrap his arms around her from behind and start feeling on her breasts. "Ok, that's it...time to go,"  I said. I handed him the trash bags and we got him out the door. We both agreed right then and there that we had no desire to ever speak to him outside of work again. I then took her into my room to show her something on my computer and 20 minutes later I walked her out. That's when I saw it. My stairwell was littered with my trash and about 30 broken beer bottles. He was nowhere in sight. So I blew up his phone and he, of course, didn't answer. Well, I wasn't about to leave this mess and all I had was a tiny little hand broom and dustpan to clean it up with since we're doing a roommate transition and the one moving out owned most of the cleaning supplies.   Nazle stayed and helped me and just as we're about finished I feel it:  12 out of 10 pain in my left kidney. It feels like a cyst rupture. Naz is freaking out.  "Stop, stop...I'll finish the shouldn't have even bent like that..." About an hour later my urine is practically straight blood. I now have a cyst infection. The next three months of my life (because that's how long I usually recover fully from these things) are scewed. I was JUST starting to feel better from the last one. I had two weeks practically pain free.  (Still some discomfort from cysts but I was doing so well...) To make it all worse...he wouldn't even apologize. Then when he did (after I sent a friend after him) I asked him if he would please reimburse me for my medical expenses and the time lost from work and he said he would work it out with me but then he never called me. So I call him last night and some woman answers pretending to be a private investigator.  The way she talked to me I know that's not who she was.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it was his MOTHER (and keep in mind, he's 37 years old)  because I know he was visiting her on his days off.  She kept trying to get info on me and I wouldn't give it to her.  She wouldn't give me a name or a license number so I knew she was fake. Plus when she said, "Oh, so he smacked your ass?  Big deal!"  I knew there was no way she was a PI.  No way. So when I told her I was going to try and press charges she got all scared and stuttery and was like "oh well...go ahead...and..and...I...we will fight it! And if you ever call here again we will p-press harassment charges on YOU!" then she hung up. I laughed pretty hard about that. So I got work involved and they chose to stay out since it was an out of work incident which is fine but I wanted to make them aware.   Unfortunately due to the laws in FL nothing can be done right now.  Trash is not considered vandalism....I have no sexual harassment charge...but if he ever so much as touches my arm or comes near my house again I can get an injunction...and as for the cyst rupture....the judge could argue that I could have had someone clean it up for me etc. The officer who came out was awesome though.  We talked about PKD and things in general. He told me I had a very positive attitude and said what everyone else says, "you are way too young to be having those kinds of problems..." Then he said, "And I'm sorry some drunk asshole just made your life that much worse for you." I appreciated that. So....kharma needs to work some magic on this individual. Because what he did was terrible. He claims he feel down my stairs...but there's no way.  I have neighbors who were up and they said they heard a sound that sounded like one bottle breaking but not a person tumbling down the stairs...and still...all he had to do was knock on my door and tell me what happened. So yeah... I'm not doing so well once again...and this time I know why. He'll get what's coming to him I'm sure. I just hope he doesn't do something worse to someone else in one of his drunken adventures. *sigh* And Fl harassment laws really do need to be reevaluated. Well, that's it for tonight. Pray for me? Thanks  :)