Keys to apartment

The last week has been filled with just too many conflicts, trimuphs and heartaches to even write how I feel.  I am so at sea.  Happy, sad, hopeful, fearful, sick, angry, frustrated, grieving... I just don't know.  Just to bullet point it.
Youngest son not doing homework, way behind.  Many fights over that.
Youngest son asks to see sort of girlfriend who has some personal issues and I don't think is good for him, but he really likes her and he is so depressed....Took him to see her.  Now wants to see her more so throwing in full support and trying to arrange visits. (She lives 50 miles away)
But also still not talking about her, won't call her girlfriend, but was bad and spied and saw he told her he loved her.  I so hope she doesn't make things worse.  So afraid she will.
Youngest son cut off therapy as will be 18 next week.
Oldest son told me he wants to ask his girl to marry him.
Oldest son's girl told me she wants to marry him and wants to know if I approve.  Said yes with tears in my eyes.  I do so like her.
Then oldest son told me he is going to apply to an out of state college next year and go back to school 2000 miles away.  Girl has said ok as wants him to succeed.  Said they would move back after, but who knows what 4 years away will do.  Would intern there as well and maybe get job offer.  Heart breaking, this girl is so rooted here I thought he would never leave once he married her.
Went to middle's son's girls bridal shower, ordering the cake for their wedding next month and they picked up the keys to their new apartment yesterday.  Will be loading my car with boxes today to help them move.
So many changes... I am not good with changes.  Just don't know how to feel.  Mixed up messed up and don't even know if half my tears are happy or sad, but I can't seem to stop them from falling.



WOW thats a whole lot happening at wonder you have mixed emotions.I guess just ride the wave of emotions and hold on for dear life..:).....It sounds like most of it all is good positive stuff for your kids and your being a great mom helping them thru it all..:)