Keep it up

I'm going to keep up the good work today. I am going to be going down to the Detroit Institute of Art with my Dad and Aunt. I'm going to have fun because its my first time going there to see the art and not the theater. I am also planning to hang out with my friends today and tomorrow and try to show them my new outlook on life. I want to appear confident and happy in front of them so that they know I'm doing better.
I had a good workout at the gym today and learned a few new exercises for my arms and butt. My abs are really starting to show up now. I give it about a month or so before they are fully visible. I'm pretty proud of how far I've come. From being flabby and unnoticed to getting complements all the time and having muscles. I never would have dreamed of this life back when I was fat.
I hung out with some old friends of mine from back when I was in school yesterday and it was fun. We played a lot of videogames and talked about life. I gave one of them some workout tips and explained what has been going on with me lately. He told me the same thing people on here have been telling me about waiting for the right girl to come along. Until that time comes I must continue to try and fix my emotions so that I am ready.
Life is actually going good for now or at least as good as it can be given my situation. I'm feeling better about myself, I just got paid, I found out I have a five day workweek coming up, and I plan to have a fun weekend. I hope everyone on here has a great day too.