Juventus makes way for ‘Piemonte Calcio’ in FIFA 20′

Juventus makes way for ‘Piemonte Calcio’ in FIFA 20′

To fans’ despair, buy fifa 20 ultimate team coins will be missing a certain cult-favourite (major) European team when it releases in September for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. More particularly, it will be missing Juventus, the Italian team with the world’s most well-known gamer: Cristiano Ronaldo.
Well, it implies the team name, its sets, and its stadiums will no longer be available in the game of FIFA 20. There simply won’t be the packages, arena, or names of either team.

This doesn’t mean that the team is removed, but this means that it will be appearing with a different name: Piemonte Calcio. Not only this, FIFA 20 will no longer give options for the Juventus kits and stadiums, but instead, the players get an option for the generic kits and stadiums.
As real-time football fans may be aware of, PES 2020 has obtained exclusive rights for the European team of Juventus, which means that they control where the team is showcased, and how it’s publicized.

As you will know, PES has comparable deals with Manchester United and Bayern Munich, 2 other substantial clubs in England and Germany, respectively. However, the terms put forward by PES for Munich and Manchester United are nowhere near this exclusive. Both teams, have their names and kits in the game as well. This could easily be the most extensive deal for FIFA 20 in the history of the game.For gamers whose preference lies in Career Mode, this is especially disappointing. Not only does it seem like there will be minimal improvements to the ageing mode, but now it will be less realistic. Even more, playing as Juventus will not be an extremely terrific experience.

Interestingly, after the statement of losing the Juventus license, EA’s stock plunged 825 million dollars. That’s a lot of cash to lose but has been termed by many as just a market reaction. In other words, it ought to recover, but we wouldn’t be too sure. After all, Juventus is not only one of the greatest teams in Europe, but is the huge team in Italy and was close to the hearts of many FIFA 20 players who didn’t expect this sudden blow.

FIFA 20 will be offered on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch when it introduces on September 27. Most fans are still waiting in excitement, even with this sudden change announced. Though this doesn’t change the gameplay too much, we understand how it must have been for some fans of FIFA 20 to no longer play with their favourite team.buy more mut 19 coins Click Here