Many of you who have read my journal and profile know that I lost a son in a car wreck July 6th 2005.  The driver of the vehicle walked away from the accident, went home, went to bed, slept 10 hours and then called the authorities to tell them that my son had stolen his vehicle during the night.
The vehicle was spotted laying upside down in a treeline, by a farmer who was going to his field.  He call authorities and they dispatched an officer to the scene.  As the officer was checking out the vehicle, he noticed my son's body laying in a ditch near the vehicle.  He was dead.  CSI was called in and an investigation began.  They impounded my son's body and we could not make funeral arrangements till the investigation was completed.  When questioned about the accident, the driver lied to the Police, he falsified a Police report, he hid his blood clothes in a neighbors trash can, he got numersous coninuances in court, etc.  After it was all said and done and, 2 years later, the driver was convicted and got 45 evenings in jail.  He was released every morning to drive to his job then return to the jail to eat supper and sleep till the next morning.  In addition, he paid an $8500 fine and was placed on probation for 4 years.
I watched a similar case on "Forensic Files" on TV the other night where a driver hit a guy on a bicycle, killed him and left the scene.  He hid his van in his garage.  The police tracked the vehicle to him by the paint chip left on the ground by the bicycle, and by the broken pieces of the parking light.  This man was convicted too and he got 4 years in prison.
4 years in prison verses 4 years probation, 45 evenings in jail and a $8500 fine.  Where is the justice for my son who left 3 children behind?  The driver of the mentioned van was drunk, that's why he hid the van.  The driver of the vehicle who killed my son was drunk too, that's why he slept 10 hours before he reported the accident and why he said his vehicle was stolen.
Makes a person think there is no justice for victims anymore.



I\'m so sorry you lost your son this way, and that the driver who killed him hasn\'t made amends. I hope at least that the accident woke the guy up enough for him to stop drinking and driving. Is there a way for you to find out what\'s going on with this guy, if he is in AA, if he has any remorse over what happened? I want to always forgive everyone everything, but it is really hard to forgive when a person is still doing the same destructive behavior or when they don\'t see anything wrong with their behavior. I hope you can find peace.

We already know that God will avenge the unjustices in this world....it will be done. God bless you....dale, brandon\'s mom

wow Pee Wee......... just wow......... I can\'t even imagine...........the pain of losing your son.....and his children losing their father........... and there is no justice..........none............. not that anything would really help...... but my gosh. that is just wrong.............and I do feel your pain........ it is so sad.... so tragic and I\'m so sorry..........

hugs xxxxx

Community LeaderSunCloudJD

Im so sorry my friend.. there are always hurtful reminders arent there... he will get justice if not in world the next.. I know you know that.. my heart and Prayers are with you sweetie..love and a huge hug of comfort for you ..xx

This man moved about 85 miles North of where he lived when this accident happened, 3 weeks after the accident. I haven\'t heard anything of him since. His probation will be up in 2011 because he wasn\'t convicted until Sept. of 2007 so as far as the law is concerned, he has to behave until his probation is up. Oh, I forgot to mention, 4 years prior to this man killing my son, he beat his wife up while she was taking a shower, for leaving a party early and they were both drunk. She ran out of the house naked, got in a car and was racing to her grandmother\'s house. She hit a woman head on and killed her and she had 3 children too so, both this man and his wife are guilty of killing someone and leaving a total of 6 children behind, without a parent. She got a \"hotshot\" lawyer to handle her case and she only got probation too. Oh, and by the way, the man who killed my son used the same lawyer and when he was charged, he bragged and said, \"I\'ll get off with probation, just like my old lady did\"!!!!!!!! When he was first arrested, he had the balls to ask his wife to call my daughter and ask that the charges be dropped against him because he was about to have a nervous breakdown being in jail. He was there 2 days before he posted bond. What a nice guy!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the poem I wrote about the man who killed my son.

A Friend\'s Deception

In 2005 on a July morning
James Aderman killed my son
His \"so called \" friend from what I\'ve heard
But no \"friend\" would do what he done

He left my son laying in a ditch
Like a dead animal along the road
He either walked home or called for a ride
But, who knows from the lies he\'s told

He called the local Authorities
His vehicle was \"stolen\" he said
But Jamie knew where his vehicle was
And he knew my son was dead

He then called some more people
Asking of they\'d seen my son
Driving his \"stolen\" vehicle
To cover what he had done

Numerous times he placed these calls
Acting like he was concerned
But all of these were nothing but lies
From the evidence and the truth we\'ve learned

Blood was found on the airbags
That deployed when the crash occurred
More blood was found around the wreck
There was blood found on my son\'s shirt

None of this blood belonged to my son
Someone else had to be there
Someone who left his \"closest friend\"
A \"friend\" who showed no care

The State began to investigate
They knew that something was wrong
When Jamie was questioned later that day
He sang a different song

He hired a \"hot shot\" lawyer
That his wife had used, you see
When she hit a car, four years ago
And killed a mother of three

So, now this couple have taken two lives
Six children were left behind
Both deaths so utterly senseless
Their scars so etched in our minds

I realize accidents happen
And lives are sometimes taken
But to be left along a country road
Called \"a thief\", abandoned, forsaken?

There\'s no excuse for what James done
\"Friends don\'t do \"friends\" this way
The hurt, the sadness and loss we feel
Are worse than words can say

I used to be a \"Biker\"
It seems like ions now
When I knew how to hurt my enemies
But, I still remember how

So, as a dad, who has lost a son
The judicial system is a sham
I put my faith in the Righteous Judge
I\'ll let Him deal with this man

But life goes on and the years pass by
We\'re to mature as we age with time
But James Aderman, I\'ll never forget
You killed a son of mine.


Pee Wee, I am soo sorry... I know how painful seeing that television show had to have been for you, as well as how painful the memories the show dredged up are for you... It does seem that there is no justice in this world anymore, but as another poster said, justice will be served once they die...

When I was 22, my lifelong best friend was killed by a drunk driver at 4:30pm Friday, Feb. 27, 1987 (My Brother\'s 24th B-Day). She was stopped at a stop sign and couldn\'t move out of his way. That drunk literally drove right over the top of her car... Luckily, she died instantly. That man was so drunk, he didn\'t realize what had happened! Witnesses said he got out of his vehicle when it came to a stop, and was stumbling around, looking at his vehicle, apparently trying to figure why it stopped. He NEVER realized he had just hit and killed another person...

He received 125 days in jail on the work release program, ordered to pay a fine of $2500 for court costs, probation for 8 years and ordered to attend AA.

My friends mom got to decide his punishment, to a degree, and she\'s the one who ordered the AA meetings. The agreement was that if he missed ANY AA meetings, for ANY reason, it was automatic prison for him.

All I can say about your son\'s killer\'s wife is, I feel bad that she killed another person, but I understand her trying to get away from the beating... She wouldn\'t have been driving drunk had he not been beating her, so, logically, it\'s HIS fault... He has a lot to answer for upon his death...

Wow Pee Wee.............. just wow..........what a powerful poem.....you are right about one thing. He WILL be judged again........
big hugs to you xoxo
Community LeaderSunCloudJD

That is such a powerful poem.. I feel your pain my friend..have you ever thought of getting involved with a \'drunk driving\" organization.. perhaps it would help to talk to others and do something positive dealing with this horrendous crime.. I know how very busy you are.. maybe it would be worth giving up something else to look into it.. a positive place to put the terrible pain you live with..xx