just want to share

My new best friends....As I read all of your journals this week i have felt different emotions..happiness for those of us who made it alright..sadness for those of us who are just so sad..deep sorrow for yet another one lost. So I wanted to share with you something that happened to me on my weekend. Saturday nothing slept most of the day needed a kick in the but to get up and go to costco. Oh joy... I hate going to costco but my husband just loves it. Came home and really didn't do much else. Read some of your journals and went to bed. Next morning got up to go to church..didn't want to go. Thought a at least 10 good reasons why I shouldn't and then thought of 100 why I should so I went. I know that we are not all on the same page with our faith and what we believe..I understand that. But I just wanted to share with you what happened to me at church on Sunday and why the enemy wanted me to stay home so badly.. Got there did our praise and worship and was feeling pretty good.Listened to the message and was blessed then we had a slideshow that showed the faces of our young men and women who have lost their lives in this present war.. Most of them young men and women in their 20's. I was crying softly in my seat as I looked at those precious faces. I sat there thinking about their mom's and dad's..brother's and sister's..grandparents..friends and how sad they are..my heart was breaking for them. Then after service a friend of mine tapped me on my arm and asked if I would like to meet someone who had just lost her son 2 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident. I turned and almost ran to her. As if I could somehow rescue her from this nightmare that she now lives. When our eyes meet I felt so much pain. Again my heart was one with hers and I started to cry and all I could do was hold her and tell her how sorry I was... because I know what she is going through.. On the way home i was thinking about what had happened and God showed me that His heart is one with mine in my pain and anguish as well. He understands and He loves me very much. That was such a sweet moment for me. When I got home later that day I read my e-mails and this was in my box. Some of you may already know about griefshare. It is a christian based website that delivers e-mails daily to you to encourage you. I wanted to share this with anyone who might be blessed by this as I was. I love all of you so much. My heart is full of joy and yet so broken. It's hard to understand I know. But I hope you enjoy the message.Love bens mom 4ever Debi Coping With the Loss of a Child Day 159 To lose a child of any age—from an infant to an adult child—is one of the greatest shocks a parent can experience. The death of a child is tragic and feels entirely wrong. "It's so out of sequence and just so unnatural when your child, whom you protected all your life, dies. Is there something you could have done to have spared this?" says Pastor Buck Buchanan. This grief can be very deep. As Matthew 2:18 says, "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more." God knows your sorrow, and no matter how dark or painful your situation, Jesus can bring you hope. Sometimes, though, you feel like rejecting that hope and embracing your despair, as if hopefulness is somehow a betrayal to your child. Do not let Satan manipulate your thoughts in that way. Seek God and allow Him to light your path. Lord and Savior, You are the only one who knows my sorrow. My body is enveloped in pain and wracked by grief, but I know there is hope because of You. Help me to live out that hope. Amen.