Just Want to Move On

A couple weeks ago , my mom and i were sitting in the living room and she happened to mention my dad leaving a rude voice message on the phone. It said in a sarcastic tone, apparently no one wants to talk to me. Well he was right,  i didnt want to talk to him, i learned something new about him , and i was figuring out how to deal with it. Second, my mom, my sister and i dont always have to talk to him every time he calls. That is what upset me. I was willing to give my dad another chance for the 100th time, but it ends up hitting me in the face. My dad likes to make me feel guilty. So that night, my mom called my dad and told him he  is not a good father, he didnt send my sister a graduation gift nor my aunt. My dad blamed it on my mom saying he should of told her. My dad should of known, he should of called and asked. My dad didnt want to hear what my mom had to say so he hung up on her and at that moment, i told myself and my mom, that is the last tiem and i am serious, i dont want , i choose not to let my dad be a part of my life. My dad thinks if he doesnt call for a few days he can apologize and everything will be okay, wrong its not okay. I have to move forward with my life, i think my dad is trying to stop me but i wont let him. I have no intention of wanting to see or speak to him. My dad did call a couple days ago and good thing i was at work. Half of the time i'm sad but i dont make it stop me from moving on. My birthday is next month, I get to see my counselor this week which makes me excited, my nephew is arriving in the next two months. I have things to look forward to and i'm not going to let my dad stop me .