Just stuff

So it's been some time since I last wrote....what can I tell you?  I've been riding every weekend and it has been amazing.  I rode to Rockford yesterday with two other gals and it was just fantastic!  It is like no other feeling in the world....I'm so glad that I'm doing this.  And the greatest thing about all of this is that the more that I meet new people and keep myself "busy"....the less that T is on my mind.  It sure is healing for me.....Work has been crazy busy nuts!  But I'm glad for that and thankful that I have a job...Last weekend was moving Lauren and Andrew back home.  I'm so thankful to have them here.  Lauren has a job back in social work and we're working on getting Andrew a job.  So keep us in your prayers.....That's it for now.  All is good...oh forget to mention.  Have this "secret" crush on this absolutely "hot" man at work.  He came by on Saturday morning and we went to the HD tent sale and then rode to St. Charles for lunch.  (He rides BTW!)  OMG....I'm so totally in love!  I feel like a little kid.....only thing....we work together; don't know if he's feeling it but that's ok.....no expectations.  Just hanging out.....amazing what that does to your healing process....HELLO.