Just some Thoughts

Well,I am now 18 months in to being a non-smoker and going strong.I am also now 3 and a 1/2 months in to the diabetes.To say I am okay with it would be a lie,but I am better than I was at first.Im learning more about what I can and can't eat and learning to be less irritated and frustred at least when I can.I still have days that I could just chuck it all and eat whatever I want until I think about how it would do more harm than good and it isnt going to change anything.
I keep telling myself that I didnt gain this weight or get diabetes overnight and Im not going to fix it overnight as much as I want to.I gained 30 pounds in the year i quit smoking and it was then that sugars got out of whack,so I am hoping weight loss will get me off the metformin or at the very least a lesser amount.
I suppose there are still going to be days when it just overwhelms me,but I am getting better at getting through them.
Now I have to get past January and my first A1c test since starting this journey.I dont want him adding anymore medicine than I already take.Anyway I just want to say how Thankful I am to have found this site and for all of you who share what you're going through as well as the incouraging words  to help me through.
God Bless all of You.!!!!!