Just sitting...waiting.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I went into my fourth period class today. My ex's boyfriend is going to dump her on prom night to go with another girl. I mean I shouldn't be in the middle of something like that becasue I mean I have no say in what she does I mean it's her buisness but when It involes her getting hurt I care a lot because I still have the hardest feelings for her. I would go to the end of the world for her. I know I shouldn't get in the middle of it becasue she won't listen to me and say that I am lieing, but if I don't she will end up getting dumped on prom night with no one there with her. It will take the bravest act of courage to step in and tell her but maybe my words would just fall short and shatter to the ground like she made them do last time we spoke. Nothing else matters to me anymore and quite frankly she deserves to get put out on the street for what she did to me last time. But it's horrible to say that since we equally broke up with each other for the same reason. but the way she has been treating me is uncalled for and wrong. I wish there was a way to have both but it won't happen and I am fighting the facts here. The kid is a total asshole for doing that though and should get him ass kicked for even thinking about doing that. But I am in no place to do that especially since the biggest track meet of my life is on saturday and I can't get kicked out of school or suspended for doing such a pointless act. But whatever I will see what I can do with this situation I am kinda curious to see how this goes down.