Just checking in

Haven't had a lot of time to spend on here this week...I've been fighting migraines and allergies. Our weather has been going back and forth a bit and my head seems to be feeling every barometric change and responding with a migraine each time...yuk!Fortunately I've caught them quickly most of the time and my meds work to stop it pretty quickly, but I have had a couple of times where I had to fight it for an hour or two by avoiding light, sound, etc. I'm really lucky that I don't usually get flattened by migraines and have meds that usually work to get rid of them within anywhere from an hour to many hours. I rarely lose days to a single migraine. I sometimes, like this week, have recurring migraines, but I can continue to function through them. I have had entire evenings or days where I feel like crap, nauseous, light sensitive, etc. in addition to wanting my head to just blow up already and get it over with!What it does do to me is leave me wiped out afterward and after a week like this one, I'm exhausted! I could barely get out of bed today at noon! I'm so tired I cancelled plans to go out (just errands). I just want to stay home and veg out. I'll make up for stuff on Monday.Something I thought I was going to have to do tomorrow that was going to get me up and moving earlier than I would like has been cancelled so maybe I can even sleep in?!!I need some serious recharging.Well I'm off to pick up a few necessities at the grocery store then settle in for a nice Friday night with Sarah and our TV routine. I'm such an addict! haha!



Here I am complaining about some dizziness and tinnitus and you\'re up there being killed by your own head! My poor Deb!!! Migraines are HORRIBLE!!! I didn\'t realize you had them so bad this week. I\'m glad the meds work, but is there anything you can take that may work faster? Even an hour of a migraine is unbearable. What do you take? I take Maxalt for the actual migraine and Atenolol for prevention. I used to have daily migraines before this regimen. Excedrine knocks it out within 1/2 hr if I take it at the first sign. Maxalt is just as good and it dissolves in your mouth. (Besides, it\'s not nearly as dangerous as the aspirin in Excedrine.) Maybe if you stay indoors with all the doors and windows closed, it might help stabilize the pressure? Or maybe try a nasal decongestant or nasal spray. I know it sounds weird, but if your migraines react to pressure, there may be a small amt of congestion in your sinuses that are triggering the migraines.
It\'s nice that you and Sarah have a bonding routine, even if it is TV. (People criticize it, but I love to cuddle with my kids in front of it on occasion!) Did you actually get to sleep in this morning? (Uh... yesterday morning by the DS clock.) Hope you feel better!

I take Zomig for an attack and topamax and nadolol for prevention. They both help and we\'ve played a bit with the dosage until I\'ve gotten relief. I was up to daily, then daily really bad....so that\'s why I added preventative meds.....worked well for a while now I\'m back to almost daily....but not too bad.... mostly stress and being so worn out from this past winter being so rough around here. I\'m really worn down so suscetible (spelling?)to everything flaring these days.
my meds usually work to stop the migraine quickly if I catch it right away.
I also use a couple of different \"holistic\"? things--a roll-on called migrastick ...it has lavender and mint....I roll it on my forehead, temples, nape of my neck, etc. massage it in.....it helps
also a stick called \"head-on\" ....there\'s different kinds....I\'ve got the one for migraines and the one for sinuses...they actually work! beats taking more pills

also Sarah takes Advil liquigels for her headaches and until she was old enough for Zomig (over 18) it was all she had for her migraines....surprisingly it works. I got her into the sticks too.
we both have pollen allergies and sinus issues especially in spring so am careful to keep windows closed over night to keep out morning pollen etc.
I\'ve been doing this a long time.
one of my problems is that my hormones are messing up my migraines because I started really early peri-menopause....I wasn\'t ever 40 when I started having problems! this is so unfair!
I just try to keep my sense of humor but it aint easy!