just another day without him

so what it's Valentine's Day, I know we would've gotten up this morning, either shared breakfast at home or gone to the neighborhood diner.  Simple but sweet, year after year ... that was us.  I was with my Randy for 4 years before we were married so that makes 36 Valentine's.  So today is just another lonely day, a day I must survive like every day since he's been gone.  Some days its weighs so much... this sorrow.  I miss him, my friend, my companion, my lover, my other half.  Valentine's, all I see is a broken heart. I hate when I sound so morose.  I miss my hubby so much I don't know how I can go on sometimes.  But then I get reminded how lucky I am ... he left me with a wonderful family.  My daughter gave me a card and some candy this morning with a big hug and a few tears.  He always gave her something for Valentine's.  She was so thoughtful, I know she worries about me.  All my kids do.  I'm usually the strong one and that's not me anymore.  I don't want them to worry but some days its very hard.  Like today.  Just another day.