Just an update from me.

     I hope you all are having a better New Year so far. Awful early to tell I know but anyway.     Things here are about the same as every other day. The weather has been great. Sunny and pretty warm in the 70s most days and in the 50s at night. Sorry for those of you in cold areas. LOL      I just finished my on-line interview with West at Home. I don't really think it went very well but what the heck I haven't done anything like that for over 3 years. I was more unprepared than I thought. I practised the reading part but I forgot to think of what they would ask me as in a regular pre-imployment interview. I had to come up with answers and give them in 30 seconds or less. I hope I did OK. I really want this job. I think it will really help. I won't feel so much like I am  not contributing anything around here. I am hoping to make some extra money and still not go over the amount that will jeapardize my SSDI. They say they will let me know in 3 to 5 days via e-mail. Now for the wait. I hate that part. LOL     I am typing this at the "big" comptuer. It is much different than my laptop. My arms are already noticing that they are not supported as they would be on the laptop in my recliner. I can feel they tendons in the back of my hands straining. I hope that will not be a problem with the job if I get it. I hope to eventually get a little faster laptop so that I can do the job from my recliner. Both of the old laptops I have here that I fixed up from broken ones are just a little to slow to meet this companies standards. I also told them that I can type 35 words per minute. I really have no idea but I think I can type at least that many. Even though now the back of my hands are getting pretty sore. Oh well we will see.     I hope to get some more information to add to my new group to help others like me that have SSDI but are under 65. I then plan to send letters to everyone that I can think of that might be able to do something about us not being able to get Medigap in some states. I just don't know why some states do and other don't. That really doesn't make any sense to me.      I also am accumulating information from different sources that I am finding on-line for another group I am in. I enjoy doing research on-line. It at least gives me somthing to do.      Well I guess I shold quit rambleing on here. I know that those that read these have other things to do.      May all my friends here have a much better New Year ahead, Brent