Just about OK

It isn't bad, it isn't good
I hate it
it clings to me like a shadow 
even when the stars come out



Is it bad....Yes
So sad
Is it good
I wish it would...
But, like a shadow,
In depression I waddle
Neither here nor there
Not really anywhere
The stars...they shine
But I give them no time.
Their twinkling light
Give me no delight...

I could go on
But why?

I was waxing poetic when I made the comment above and feeling pretty sorry for myself. I am feeling better today. Maybe together we can work on getting the shadows to go away--or at least keeping them at bay. Take care, Bill.

Thank you for responding,
yes, perhaps we can give encouragement and hope
in whatever we both know will
once and then again hover over us
without concern in the coming days

I pledge to be with you in this remote and faceless either
we now communicate in.

make us weak,