Just a thought of my father

     It was this day of 2001 when my father died.we had the loneliest christmas ever that year.we kept him until after new year( it's our culture to wake for the dead, keep the  embalmed body in our house, where people can come and pay their last respect and we stay awake,we take turns in watching...etc).....IT WAS LIKE A DREAM....and HE WAS JUST PART OF IT NOW....   Sometimes i think did i have a father?.....he's just a memory now....i still cry for him...but i don't think i'm in that much pain anymore....maybe because of the time or maybe because of the nature of his death...i don't know...i just wish and pray  that wherever he is now i hope that he's happy and at peace.HE was a good man...in fact a very good man!and though i may have wished that he should had been what i was expecting from a father....i am still proud of him until now!