Just a little update on my life!!

Well I havent been on DS in a long time. I just get so busy these days that I dont get much time to come on. But im always thinking of you ladies. Well the last few months have been a little rough. My husband lost his job at the end of january and things were really hard. Im not working right now because we moved to a new area when we bought our house and also because i've decided to start taking some classes. So my husband was the bread winner. Luckily we had enough money in the bank from our wedding and from an inheretence my husband had when his mom passed away, but it was still really stressful. My husband has just started a new job so luckily things are back on track for both of us.
Next month will be our 6 month anniversary! I really cant believe its been 6 months already. Time is flying by so fast. Dh and I have been talking about when we think the best time to start a family is. We keep going back and forth about wanting more time with just the two of us and being able to get some things done without kids in  the picture, but at the same time we both really cant wait to be a family of three. I guess only time will tell when we will finally start trying for a little one.
I hope all of my DS ladies are well. I love you all!!