June?? How did that happen?

 Man, I could start every entry with "It has been so long" but I think anyone stil reading would just be rolling their eyes!!    I check in every day to read up on whats going on but I don't feel as connected because I am not spending the hours I used to reading every single post. I don't know how I kept up before! I really do feel a little out of the loop!    I haven't had anything really to report. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! I just typed 2 paragraphs and then somehow deleted it!!! NO WONDER I CAN'T UPDATE!! I don't know what I wrote! OK, I will post a new pic and just summarize that I am ok. I feel pretty good physically except for my back and a little heartburn. It is super hot though and I am not responding well. I know it is only going to get hotter and I am going to get even bigger and every single thing that I should not for a minute be complaining about will be 100% worth every moment of this summer! I am still doing yoga 3X a week and I think that is really helping.      DH is painting the nursery today (FINALLY!) so I imagine that project will be together soon! The invitations for my first shower have gone out! I am so excited! I have 3 showers scheduled so far!! There is only the chance for one more if the wives of my coworkers want to throw one but I am not planning for it. I feel so blessed to have 3! Holy cow!      I will post pics when the nursery is done. I think the color we picked for the walls is boring compared to a lot I have seen but I wanted something that he can grow into. We'll see!!      Hope all of you are winning the fight! HUGS AND BABY DUST TO ALL!