July 8, 2011 - 1st day with intermediate running group

There should be an entry "exhausted update"  Thats exactly what it was like.  Last night we ran 3 miles, ran 4 walked 1.  Whew!  It was so humid last night folks!  The temp was 80 degrees but overcast.  All new people (no one re signed up from my hospital group for the next session).  I am thinking, what did I get myself into.  I lugged in with 3 other girls at the end of the pack.  Thats what I get for going on vacation and forgetting to get my running routine in.  I have a lot of work to do in the next 12 weeks (until Sept 20).  The trainer who ran with us at the end kept pushing us.  I did what I can.  Next week will be better.  I plan on going outside and running this summer more (try to stay away from the treadmill unless its lightening and heavy rains).  I bought a watch so I can better train.  Its a mans watch, pretty nice.  Cost me $60.00 and it will save my running workouts.  Looking forward to trying it out, tonight - I plan on running my 3.7 mile walk route (its 78 degrees today and humid).  I need to get out there and get use to it!  The 4 mile race is July 21 at a festival north of the city.  Out and back.  I think I can do ok with it. 
The rate this group will be going (3,4,5,6 miles) - I will probably be 160-165 lbs in no time!  LOL!! (I am still sitting on 181).
Thats all I need to write about today.  Debbie still hasn't called me.  I think she is a done deal.  Thats too bad and very dissappointing.  Some people can just hold grudges.  I was nothing but a friend to her.  Maybe she just wants to cut all ties to the Western NY area and have a fresh start in Florida.  I will try calling her tomorrow. If I get a hold of her, I'll let you know here on my next journal. ok. 
Until then have a wonderful day!!